Silver Cloth for Silverware Chests

As you can see from our home page we have designed some beautiful and unique silver chests and flatware storage boxes. I have always wondered why silver cloth works and I found this great article on

Silver Cloth is made for the purpose of protecting silver and jewelry from elements in the air that cause tarnish. The fabric is made of 100% cotton flannel using dyes that contain no acid, sulfur or salts. Silver Cloth is impregnated with materials that absorb tarnishing gasses before they can react with the surface of your silver or jewelry. Silver Cloth will not lose its effectiveness unless it is wet or washed.

Silver Cloth is used by many manufacturers to line silverware chests, flatware drawer liners, pouches and bags. Many homeowners and cabinet makers use Silver Cloth to line drawers, cabinets and even closets used to store silver and other metal items susceptible to tarnish.

Points To Remember:

    • Sulfur and rubber causes tarnishing.
    • Never wash or wet Silver Cloth.
    • Never use sulfur-based glue or cement to adhere Silver Cloth. The recommended method for gluing Silver Cloth to a surface is white glue such as Elmer’s. Never use rubber bands on your silver.
    • Before storing silver make sure that is it clean and dry. Salt or other food particles left on silver can cause tarnish or even damage.

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