Search Engine Optimization

I have learned a lot about websites since I first embarked on our business, Dream facebookMountain Studio.

My website has gone through several iterations, from having it built by a mega-website builder, to going with a guy who was developing a website builder for the consumer, to having a website built by a friend, to maintaining the site on my own.

Years ago, I was under the impression that the internet would embrace anything you put up on the web. In reality, I had no idea how and why things appeared as they did on search engine results. Through trial and error I found out there are ways of communicating with search engines called relevant keywords and search terms…you know, the words you put in your search. In order for your site to appear in a search, you need to have those search terms in your content. It’s a science and an art.

I have read for hours about this and I have talked for hours to people who wanted to sell me search engine optimization products. And there have been more than a few times that I have gone to that rodeo.

But last week, when the fellow from Paypal, who handles my shopping cart, called me to tell me about Payypal’s new Search Engine Optimization services…I was prepared and savvy. He had me right click on my home page and showed me several deficiencies in the source code. He told me that his crew would search my site and upgrade and fix anything that needed it.

That’s when I told him that I regularly go to my site through the back door and I could do any fixing that was needed. It turns out that he was just showing me some code that most/a lot of websites have and with some inquiry, I found that there was nothing inherently wrong or missing. He had just pointed me to something that “looked” suspicious so he could sell me something…a service for $80 per month.

But while I was inside the back door I decided to do some cleaning up and attend to some things I had neglected for a while, so it was a good thing.

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