Looking for Inspiration

I imagine that people who don’t engage in design work are baffled by the process which transpires within the mind of the artist or design craftsman. I have done no extensive research on this subject and can only relate what goes on with me. When I know it’s time to start designing, either because I have a special show I am entering or a client wants me to submit some ideas or I want to add a new jewelry chest or silver storage box to our collection, I begin to look at things in a new way. I look at both buildings and landscapes searching for interesting ways that elements work together. I especially look for details and the way shadow plays between the elements in the scene I am appraising. I also take to my library of architecture books, not to copy ideas but to notice that very small detail that I have missed before. It can take just one tiny element to be the basis for an entire piece of furniture or jewelry chest. Next time I write. I will talk about how the idea becomes reality.

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