From Idea to Computer Screen

When we last met I was perusing my architectural and design books in search of inspiration for my new jewelry box to add to our collection. The next thing I do is go to the computer (I used to go to my drawing board) and draw the general shape of the jewelry box or jewelry chest. We provide ample drawers in our pieces so I know the height of each drawer. But the width is optional. If the motif I have chosen is square in nature like the daffodil jewelry chest, that will drive the shape of the box. When that is determined, I begin to use the drawing program to create a 3-D drawing of the box. This is something I could never do on the drawing board without a lot of difficulty. This drawing will allow me to look at the jewelry box or silver chest from all angles and it will give me all of the dimensions that I will need to cut out the parts accurately.

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