Engraved Motifs

One of the most distinctive features of the jewelry boxes, jewelry chests and silverware flatware storage chests is our engravings. The first part of the process is to determine the shape of the box but at the same time the idea for the motif on the jewelry box or silver chest will drive the shape of the jewelry box. The next thing to make sure of is the the motif is able to be broken on the drawers so that the certain features, such as a flower, will not be broken in way that doesn’t make sense visually. I must confess to one struggle I’ve had with the engravings on our jewelry boxes is trying to find the right color. I have learned through trial and error that certain colors want to bleed onto the wood. I absolutely have to avoid this situation and I have been able to whittle down my engraving colors to a small collection of colors that don’t tend to bleed.

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