Arts and Crafts

To some people ‘Arts and Crafts’ conjures up visions of calico, craft glue and smiley ducks in a row. But another and more interesting way to use that term is describing a movement of furniture, textile and architectural design which happened at the turn of the 20th century. Its father is said to have been William Morris in England and his reaction to the overly ornamental Victorian style. The vangards in this country include people like Gustav Stickley, Frank Lloyd Wright and the Greene brothers. All of their styles emphasized clean lines and craftsmanship.

I like to follow the arts and crafts aesthetic when designing our jewelry boxes, jewelry chests and silverware storage chests. I am a less is more kinda gal and am happy if I can show excellent craftsmanship and let the beauty of the wood we use in our jewelry boxes and flatware storage speak for itself.

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