Prairie Style

In my last entry I gave a brief description of what is known as the Arts and Crafts aesthetic. Well, today I was looking in some of my favorite books looking for design inspiration for a few new silver chests or jewelry boxes and I came upon Frank Lloyd Wright and The Prairie School by Allen Brooks.

I love this quotation because it expresses perfectly the spirit of the Prairie style and also embodies the feeling we hope to create with our collection of jewelry boxes and silver flatware storage chests.

The buildings of the Prairie School were very respectful of their own time and place and very much American. They were not fanciful inventions for the sake of being different, but combined the best ideas that design had to offer.

One thought on “Prairie Style

  1. glass lettering that says “Peek-A-Boo.” One might even claim that the side-chairs with their scandalously high backs are nothing more than a parody of chairs; they certainly make sitting ridiculous, unless you happen to be a king. Those playful elements blend with a whimsy in the other parts of the visual structure. The windows with their geometric designs are classically interesting, the custom rugs gracious and understated, and even the stencils of organic panels along the ceilings are a delight.

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