New Jewelry Boxes

We’ve been working on some new designs for both of our enterprises, Dream Mountain Studio and Ready To Build. They will all feature two drawers and two of them (so far) have a beautiful motif with a related quotation. I am trying to think of a snappy name for our new collection but so far all I have is Jewelry Cases…to distinguish them from the rest of our products. The inspiration came from a lovely lady who visited our shop a couple of months ago. She’s a quilter and she liked the simple lines of a lot of our motifs. I told her that I had “been inspired by” (nice words for copying) the quilting motifs I’ve seen on the internet. Later that day she brought me a fabulous book called Sashiko Designs by Syliva Pipper. That’s where I got the ocean motif and the fish motif. Thanks, Marcia!

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