Each jewelry box is a work of art.

Elegant motifs are engraved into each beautiful custom handmade wood jewelry box and carefully hand colored.

Jewelry boxes built with care

Our custom handmade wood jewelry boxes, chests and cabinets have versatility and many accommodate larger pieces of jewelry. On our product pages we show the sizes of all the drawers. Our line offers dividers for the drawers, but even without them you will find that each box will hold a variety of jewelry configurations. The drawers of our jewelry boxes slide out effortlessly. This is because the tolerances we have designed into our jewelry boxes are very close. Many of our custom boxes have a ring or earring storage area and every drawer bottom is lined with velvet.

We use fine materials in our custom handmade wood jewelry boxes.

Each jewelry and silverware box has a unique and pleasing design and features our signature engravings

Artisan-made with great care, one at a time

Dream Mountain Studio creates among the finest custom handmade wood jewelry boxes and silverware storage solutions in the marketplace. These artisan-designed boxes are made in a wide variety of configurations. Every drawer of our custom-made jewelry boxes has a plush lining which will protect your valuables. These fine wooden pieces will be in your family collection for years to come. Our passion is to produce custom handmade wood jewelry boxes and silverware boxes that you will be proud to give as a gift for any special occasion.

Our Silverware Chest Collection

Chests to treasure as much as what is inside.

We have created silverware storage chest designs to offer people who are looking for a traditional and meaningful anniversary gift, wedding gift or birthday gift.

As with all of our products these silverware chests and flatware storage boxes are handmade with great attention to detail and feature our signature engravings